When disease is a conspiracy we need to turn detective and find all of the culprits….

When disease is a conspiracy we need an integrated approach to resolving the problem, this is perhaps what we all mean when we say that we need a holistic approach. I see this in particular with digestive health, for example when we are looking at Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

So what is it that is behind the conspiracy? cartoon detective 3

The foods that we eat play a huge role of course

The exercise we get

Our emotions have a massive influence on our digestive well being

The medicines we take

Our constitution

It is my experience that we need to look at the whole picture in order to make the improvements we are looking for, and it is what I like to call the 20% solution……………20% improvement may come from changes in our eating habits,  20% from doing some exercises, 20% from releasing emotional patterns and so on…. and soon we begin to see the body functioning better again.

In my Acupuncture clinic the emphasis is on having enough time to explore and understand the particular factors that seem to be conspiring to produce the problem, to talk things through, and over time to make changes, form new habits, and open up new possibilities.

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Bluebell woods feeling

Why I love Acupuncture and Mindfulness so much ……neck pain and recovery from Radiotherapy, and finding that “Bluebell woods feeling”.


Once upon an time, in a time of the time of times there was an Acupuncturist……………that’s me of course, and not so long ago either, just this year in fact……………….and I was asked for help by a woman suffering from severe neck pain. This had been going on and off for a few years as she suffers from arthritis and had also had hip replacements and so on. I addition to this she had just finished a course of radio therapy following a lumpectomy for breast cancer.

I affectionately suggested that she was a bit like a bear with a sore head, she really had had a quite a year of it as prior to the breast cancer she had also suffered from acute bowel problems which involved a fairly long  hospital admission as well. Not a happy bunny to say the least, and on top of all this she had felt very angry and let down by the support staff that were supposed to be looking after her following the surgery for cancer.

As a result of the radio therapy, the stress of the diagnosis and the surgery, and the medication that was prescribed for prevention of a return of breast cancer my client was also feeling rather hot and bothered, not sleeping well because of that and because of the neck pain too, and was not having a good time with the drugs the doctor had offered for the pain.


Our treatment priorities were therefore to ease the pain and to clear some of this heat from the system, to relax the body and mind, and so I turned to a very favourite group of points for assistance….GB20, LIV3 and LI4, as well as using some massage, and finding tender points and tight points to release and relax the neck. While the needles were in place I invited my client to try a short meditation practice, and so we entered together into the present moment, just being with the sensations in the body. My client recognised the feeling of relaxation that she felt afterwards as her “bluebell woods feeling”, and we have continued to use the meditation alongside acupuncture ever since.


And so the story has a happy ending, my client has had a great deal of relief from the neck pain, is no longer hot and bothered, and is recovering a sense of hope for the future.  It has been a great joy and privilege to be part of her journey to recovery.

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Freedom from Fear

Once upon a time, in a time of the time of times….in fact just in the last few weeks a lovely woman of around 80 years of age has been coming for help with chronic pain, and she has kindly agreed that I can tell you her story here. To keep this confidential we will call her Penny. The pain is in one side of the face and is known as Trigeminal neuralgia, and she has had it for 8 years, which is not uncommon in this infamously very painful condition.

Penny has had 2 operations to “damage” the nerve which has given some relief, and she is also taking drugs to mask the pain. However she was still getting some very painful episodes that will last all day, often triggered by eating and by being outside in the wind, and also just by talking. She describes an attack as so severe that it makes her cry, and all she wants to do is have a cuddle from her daughter or her husband. Penny can only eat really soft foods like mashed potatoes and soup, and wears a scarf when she goes outside, even in the summer.

In a situation like this we have to take great care not to make matters worse and so go very carefully with the Acupuncture. We choose just a few points on the painful area of the face, and some in the hands and feet and leave the needles in for 30 minutes. Penny was keen to tell me how afraid she has become of the pain coming back. She has soreness everyday, which can vary in intensity, but it is when the pain gets triggered into an attack that she has been living in fear of.  Because of this fear and anxiety I decided that it would be lovely to include some mindfulness meditation with the Acupuncture, and so we have now completed 5 treatments. Penny invariably falls into a dreamy sleep when we do the meditation which is lovely, and her daughter also has enjoyed joining in.

I am very happy to report that Penny has just returned from her holidays by the sea, and has had no painful episodes at all, and was even seen out and about on the front without her scarf around her, in spite of a cool evening breeze. Penny is starting to feel much more relaxed about pain, no longer living in fear. Her lovely daughter, who has been bringing Mum along to the clinic for her treatments, has also reported that she is chatting away a lot more too.

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